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High Band Width Signal Isolators
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Temperature Transmitters
Data Acquisition Module NEW!

Temperature Signal Conditioner

SuperModule- L-100

  • 18-bit Sigma Delta Signal Conversion
  • 10 msec- output response time
  • Wide choice of Input Types.
  • Linearisation of T/C and RTD inputs.
  • Supports 4 wire RTD
  • 31-point Characteriser Module.
  • Realistic Cold Junction Compensation.
  • Three Port Isolation.
  • Plug-in Terminal block for easy maintenance

Dual Output Signal Isolator

ISO - D10

  • Dual Redundant Hardware
  • High Input Impedance
  • Independent Power Supply CKTS
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Short Ckt Protected Outputs
  • Three Port Isolation
  • Excellent DC and A.C.Performance
  • Bi-Polar I/P & O/P
  • Wide Bandwidth

Home | About MCIH | Products | Customers |Service Request | Contact | Careers

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