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We are an indigenous manufacturer of process control instruments. Our range includes Indicators, Totalisers, Transmitters, Convertors, Isolators, Trip Modules, Controllers, Calibrators and special purpose signal conditioners.

Now MCIH is poised to become a automation solution provider with the addition of DATA AQUISITION SYSTEM MODULES (DAS) to its process control instruments range.

PLCs and wire less DAS modules are in the anvil of MCIH R&D.



Hand Held Calibrators - T7542 Universal Input Data Acquisition Module


  • Simulates / measures 9 T/Cs & 3 RTD s.
  • Built-in cold Junction Compensation.
  • ±0.05% Accuracy.
  • Potentiometer free Digital setting.
  • Bold, Back lit LCD Display.
  • User configurable ranges/output steps.
  • Stepping up/down feature.
  • Powered by AA (1.5V) batteries.
  • Carrying pouch for Hands-off field work.

  • Universal Inputs
  • 16 Bit Sigma Delta A/D
  • Inter Channel Isolation
  • Dual Redundant Com Ports
  • Easily Expandable
  • MODBUS Connectivity

Home | About MCIH| Products | Customers | Careers | Contact | Service Request

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